Revving up the city


Creating a brand identity system that is flexible enough to adapt to the various areas of F1 (e.g. tiers of hospitality, live events, city takeovers, FanZones, etc.). that targets different demographics.

Collaboration: Group Creative Director & Producer Role: Branding

Logo deconstruction
Conveying speed
London event 2017
Paddock Club brochure (top-tier hospitality branding)

Monza leaflet (2nd tier hospitality branding)

US Open Tennis


Every year the airline company has a booth at the US Open Tennis Championship. They wanted a concept for a new tennis experience which also promoted their airline. The idea would need to include a social media strategy. I explored different routes including two interactive tennis-related games that I knew the client would be comfortable with but also a third unexpected creative route.

Collaboration: Account Manager & 3D Designer Role: Concept Development

Concept one
Booth design
Visitor Experience
Concept two
Concept three
Example headphones
Additional ideas

Planting a plot


A series of self-initiated community events using narrative to create a buzz around the event. Urban Green Line is a multidisciplinary group of people looking to connect green spaces, places and people in both the digital and physical spheres in London. Events were held with London Design Festival, Hackney City Farm and British Waterways.

Collaboration: Marketing Manager, Innovation Advisor, Service Design Consultant, Graphic Designer, Content Developer, PR & Event Manager Role: Brand Strategy, Event Coordinator, Graphic Design (event materials), Implementation

Rumor has it
A giant fish swallowed a swan in the waters of Regent’s Canal. We leaked this myth in the social media campaign teaser leading up to the event to gather interest.
Setting the stage
All branding relating to the event kept the tone of the narrative. As the day unfolded, we played up the story by having volunteers save the ducks.
The final act
In a gripping conclusion to the event, participants had to rescue their ducks from the evil clutches of the Canal Shark, Giant Eel, and the Canaligator, who launched a surprise attack at the very end.
Sequential events
Using the Tour de France as a framing device for a cycling event in which each week an eposidic story unfolds.
Hero’s journey
The participants embark on a transformative journey as they hop on their bikes and join the Urban Green Line community to learn how they can green for themselves.

Christmas in July


A press event taking place in July presenting Christmas trends and designing an experience for journalists at Hearst Media and IPC. How do we strike the perfect balance of festivity in the context of summertime? And more importantly how do we get journalists to come to our press event in the middle of their busy day and make it memorable?

Collaboration: Copywriter Role: Concept Development & Graphic Design

Creative ideas
Journalists' journey
Final execution

Imperfect beauty


Commissioned by London College of Fashion MA Sustainable Fashion, my team was asked to design the interior of an Artisan Retreat that showcases three graduate students’ work. We drew upon the natural dyeing process between their pieces as the main concept and were inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi – imperfect beauty. This alluded to the tension between high fashion and eco fashion, in which a process that devotes time and care to each garment is in fact the ultimate luxury.

Collaboration: Director of MA Sustainable Fashion, 3D Designers, Builders Role: Concept Development & Art Direction

Final execution

One flew over the cuckoo's nest


Transforming a derelict hospital into the story world of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Our team was asked to develop a concept for the bar areas spotted throughout as the location where the participants picked up their ‘prescriptions’.

Collaboration: Spatial designers, product designer, artist & exhibition designer Role: Concept Development

Bar experience
Playing with the five senses, the type, objects, sounds and actor would get stranger as the visitor descended into the story world.

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